Beirut, Lebanon<br>Richmond VA, United States

Beirut, Lebanon
Richmond VA, United States

Project Management Office

Quality Circle provides Project Management services to companies and Project Managers requiring assistance in managing their projects. Quality Circle can take the role of our Client’s Project Management Office. We provide the needed support, knowledge and tools for the Client’s projects and project managers.

Services include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Establish and improve the organization’s project management concept, framework, and processes in line with PMI standard requirements.
  2. Provide administrative support for the project management team and standardize the project-related management processes.
  3. Provide mentoring, training, and information on project management.
  4. Provide tools, templates, processes, and procedures for project management.
  5. Optimize project management processes and procedures.
  6. Provide suggestions, best practices, and structure for projects.
  7. Audit and evaluate project management principles, procedures, and project management implementation.