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Beirut, Lebanon
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Progress, Improvement, Sustainability
About Our Consultancy Company

Progress, Improvement, Sustainability

Who We Are

Born in 2013, Quality Circle is a management consultancy specialized in Management Systems, Operational Excellence, Process Improvement, Information and Organization Management, Project Management and Sustainable Development. We are a group of engineers, management professionals and consultants who have extensive knowledge and experience in different disciplines and industries. We believe that doing things right is the best strategy for business success. Our goal is entrusting the culture of quality, sustainability, and process approach wherever we set our sails.

What We Do

Quality Circle is a professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in management, consulting, engineering, and technology. We help companies improve their business performance and reconfigure their operations to help accelerate the transformation toward greater sustainability and innovation. We combine our in-depth expertise and skills in Quality Management, Lean principles and Six Sigma, Business Process Improvement, Project Management, Risk Management and Sustainable Development to deliver impactful solutions. Moreover, we help organizations establish, document, and implement management systems based on best practices and international standards to achieve product / service quality, operational efficiency, environmental performance, health and safety in the workplace and much more. We offer specific and customized solutions for all industries with established experience in the private and public sectors, in design and construction, manufacturing, real estate, ports (import/export), marketing and distribution of products, oil and gas, and NGOs.

Our Mission

We promote continual improvement in our business and within our team, with our customers, and in our environment. We help our clients rethink how they do their work to improve customer service, cut operational costs, ensure sustainable development, and improve employee performance, safety, and well-being.

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<p style="font-size:30px; ">Get expert help to handle important problems, projects, or issues at your company from trustworthy and highly skilled advisors.</p>
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Get expert help to handle important problems, projects, or issues at your company from trustworthy and highly skilled advisors.

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Meet our professional team members

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