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Beirut, Lebanon
Richmond VA, United States

Management Systems and Operational Excellence

Quality Circle offers consulting services in operational excellence and management systems.  We start by understanding the Client’s organization structure, culture and context to better assist the Client in establishing a specific and customized Management System tailored to their needs. We integrate best practices, Management System Standards (ex. ISO) and lean principles and optimize business processes to boost efficiency and effectiveness in the key steps of the operations value chain. We help our Clients manage their policies and processes to achieve specific objectives and create an organizational culture that automatically engages in a continuous cycle of self-evaluation, correction and improvement of operations and processes, through heightened employee awareness and management leadership and commitment.

Management Systems include, but not limited to:

ISO Management Systems Standards, examples:
Quality Management System (QMS) – ISO 9001
Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) – ISO 45001
Environment Management System (EMS) – ISO 14001
Food Safety Management System (FSME) – ISO 22000
Integrated Management System (IMS) – contains two or more of the above in one system

Services include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Plan, develop, and implement Management Systems (QMS, HSEMS, FSMS, IMS, etc.) based on International Standards (e.g. ISO) and best practices.
  2. Map business processes (present easy-to-understand visualization of how activities are linked together to transform inputs into outputs, using resources and tools).
  3. Optimize and improve business processes using PDCA and Six Sigma tools.
  4. Prepare standard operating procedures with their relative forms and tools.
  5. Establish and improve the organization’s project management concept, framework, and processes in line with PMI standard requirements.
  6. Develop and improve the information and organization management structures and practices.
  7. Recommend and incorporate technology in business functions to automate business processes.
  8. Establish a system for continual improvement: internal auditing, monitoring and measurement, quality assurance and control, and management review.
  9. Audit the organization’s management system to ensure compliance to procedure requirements.
  10. Improve and manage customer satisfaction.
  11. Deliver presentations and training on quality management, business process improvements, process mapping, project management, ISO 9001 requirements and related topics.
  12. Create SMART objectives and monitor performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  13. Measurement, analysis and evaluation.
  14. Establish a system for risk management to ensure risks and opportunities are adequately addressed.
  15. Steer the Client’s organization towards international standard certification (e.g. ISO.)