Beirut, Lebanon<br>Richmond VA, United States

Beirut, Lebanon
Richmond VA, United States

1. Develop creative corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy concepts and content;

2. Perform sustainability-related audits; evaluate and test processes, measurement and verification;

3. Support businesses, governments and other organizations understand and communicate their impacts on sustainability issues for sustainability reporting (based on reporting frameworks such as Global Reporting, Initiative, IIRC integrated reporting framework, Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index);

4. Prepare industry-leading best practice guidance and policy advice for Governments;

5. Conduct environmental assessments based on sustainability codes and standards – LEED, BREEAM, ISO 14001;

6. Design advice and feasibility studies for new build and refurbishment projects seeking sustainability certification such as LEED, BREEAM;

7. Research into reducing energy use, improving resilience to climate change and creating more sustainable buildings and places;

8. Develop energy strategies including the planning and design of decentralised energy infrastructure and energy statements;

9. Conduct social impact assessments, defining mitigation and social management plans;

10. Assist clients in meeting international standards and advise them on international best practice in social performance;

11. Assist organizations in client account management and engagement with project funders, affected communities and other stakeholders.