Strategy & Innovation Management

Quality Circle assists organizations in transforming their organizational design, developing their overall innovation strategy to align them with operations and technology strategies. We offer AI solutions to enable the organization to effectively manage innovation and technology, measure employee engagement and improve employee performance.

Scope of Work

For many years, firms are wrestling with the problem of how to accelerate their innovation process in a changing environment. If they are to thrive within rapidly changing environments, organizations and the individuals must learn new knowledge and advance creative ideas.

Our innovation strategists utilize their analytical skills stemming from the combination of their applied research with their entrepreneurial and managerial expertise. This combination allows them to blend science with practice, bridging hence, the traditional gap between academia and industry. Based on that, they evaluate an organization’s innovation strategies and operations, including internal structure, business processes, and information technology infrastructure. Then they develop methods and artificial intelligence tools for improvements and for boosting the company’s competitive advantages by streamlining corporate innovation strategies with operations. The aim is to enhance the customer experience and increase revenue.