Strategy & Innovation Management

Quality Circle assists rganizations in transforming their organizational design, developing their overall strategy to align them with the innovation and technology strategies. We offer AI solutions to enable the organization to properly manage innovation and technology, measure employee engagement and improve employee performance.

Scope of Work

Innovation is no longer optional but has become mandatory for maximum success! We have been watching recently how innovative companies are disrupting markets and changing the competition game.

Our innovation strategists utilize their analytical skills to evaluate an organization’s operations, including internal structure, business processes, and information technology infrastructure, to develop methods for improvements. The focus is to streamline operations, enhance the customer experience, and increase revenue.

Our innovation consultants tackle, as necessary, the following business aspects:

Culture: Organizations mired in old ways of thinking have trouble embracing innovation. We help them break out of counter-productive attitudes.

Hiring: We help businesses identify the type of talent they need to create a culture of innovation.

Goal Setting: We help organizations set and articulate goals that support innovation.

Idea Creation: We help identify problems like bureaucracy and silos that stand in the way of creating innovative ideas.

Market Identification: We help innovative companies identify underserved markets to target.

As a result, our services include, but not limited to:

1- help companies define the scope of the challenge, set milestones, and guide then through the steps involved in creating innovation initiatives or innovation departments;

2- help draw attention to external innovation sources and teach R&D professionals about innovation platforms. This can open up channels that will help new innovation ideas flow and increase the chances of innovations becoming reality;

3- Identifying needs and goals and matching them up with the right tools for the job can help innovation go from being a buzzword to being a thriving process and part of the organizational culture;

4- learn where things are going off-track. Perhaps innovation initiatives aren’t getting the internal publicity they need, or maybe the company needs powerful tools to manage and evaluate ideas. Getting to the bottom of why innovation initiatives aren’t working can prevent a company from scrapping its program and having to start over.