Development of a Quality Management System for BeitMisk

Project details

Project Features

Accomplished Tasks

Created the project management concept and framework
Established a new filing system and document control structure
Established a new referencing system for correspondence
Developed and improved the functions being implemented at BeitMisk into procedures and forms
  • Developed the process maps
  • Added necessary controls and requirements following ISO 9001 standard
  • Prepared the standard forms required
  • Prepared the procedures, each procedure consisting of the purpose, policies, the procedure and associated process maps, the forms and tools to be used in the specific procedure
  • Identified and established new procedures and forms, which are additional to the existing functions of BeitMisk, in order to add more control and organization to the work
    Prepared the Quality Manual, including the quality policy and quality objectives
    Prepared audit checklists
    Trained all BeitMIsk employees on the newly established Quality Management System
    I would like to thank Quality Circle and Joy specifically for her guidance, assistance, and training in setting up BeitMisk’s quality management system and providing us with a solid understanding of ISO 9001. Joy’s approach to quality management is to make it valuable and relevant, as well as practical and achievable. She was patient and determined to understand our organization and its services, helped us to identify the areas for improvement, and assisted us in implementing the changes that were required to fine tune and streamline our core processes. I highly recommend Joy.
    Karim Yazbek, Deputy General Manager
    Karim Yazbek, Deputy General Manager